‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Tweets Far Surpassed Other Big Endings

Topsy infographic shows how the AMC show stacked up against “30 Rock,” “Dexter,” “Lost” and “The Office”


Sunday’s “Breaking Bad” finale was event tweeting, according to data from social analytics firm Topsy, which tracked tweets during the episode and compared the volume to four other TV show finales.

With over 300,000 related tweets during the finale’s airing, “Breaking Bad” more than tripled the second-place show — “The Office’s” May finale, which had about 80,000. “Lost” came in third, with 78,000 tweets, while “Dexter” and “30 Rock” were fourth and last, with 36,000 and 23,000 respectively.

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Topsy also looked at the Nielsen ratings for the five shows to see how they compared to the number of tweets. Lost was the winner there, although its third-place Twitter finish might also be chalked up to the fact that it aired three years ago, when the social media service was not as widely used.

Here’s the infographic: