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‘Breaking Bad’ Getting Marathon at Lincoln Center

"Long Cook: A 'Breaking Bad' Marathon" celebrates show before final episodes air

The good news: There's a "Breaking Bad" marathon coming up. The better news: It won't require you to run through the New Mexico desert in your tighty whiteys.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center on New York's Upper West Side will honor "Breaking Bad" with a five-day, free viewing session of the show before its final episodes air beginning Aug. 11 on AMC.

“Long Cook: A 'Breaking Bad' Marathon,” will run from July 26-30 at Lincoln Center's Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater. Then, on Thursday, Aug. 1 and Friday, Aug. 2, FSLC and AMC will present “The Perfect Batch: 'Breaking Bad' Cast Favorites,” which series creator Vince Gilligan will join stars Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte and Bob Odenkirk to present their favorite episodes and take part in Q&A sessions at the Walter Reade Theater. 

The conversation will be live-streamed through Filmlinc.com and available later on amc.com.

Admission for “Long Cook" will be free to the public, with tickets distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning an hour before the start of the first episode showing each day. 

Anyone attending will be eligible for a raffle to win a pair of tickets for a special advance premiere screening of the first of the series’ final eight episodes. Five pairs of tickets will be given away.

“It is often said that television is in the midst of a golden age, and there is no greater proof of that than 'Breaking Bad,'” said Dennis Lim, FSLC director of cinematheque programming. “As this most cinematic of shows draws to a close, it seemed more than appropriate for the Film Society to pay tribute to its achievements by presenting every episode to date on the big screen. We are also thrilled to welcome Vince Gilligan and his collaborators to the Walter Reade stage to share their personal highlights from the past five seasons.”

“Our goal is to appropriately commemorate the conclusion of the iconic and critically acclaimed series, 'Breaking Bad.' We can't think of a better venue to do this than at Lincoln Center,” said Charlie Collier, president and general manager of AMC. “The Film Society of Lincoln Center's week-long celebration is a fitting tribute to the show, its brilliant showrunner, Vince Gilligan, and a talented ensemble of writers and actors who have breathed life into some of the most complex and memorable characters on television.”

Here's the schedule for the viewing marathon:

Friday, July 26

Season 1 (7 episodes), 5:00 pm

When straight-laced high school chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he forms a crystal methamphetamine cooking operation with his former student, Jesse Pinkman. 

Saturday, July 27

Season 2 (13 episodes), 12:00pm

One step ahead of his DEA-agent brother-in-law Hank, Walter begins to capitalize on his life of crime as its insidious effects on his wife, Skyler, and his partner, Jesse, begin to reveal themselves.

Sunday, July 28

Season 3 (13 episodes), 12:00 pm

Joining a more advanced drug-dealing operation headed by the ruthless and enigmatic fast food entrepreneur Gustavo Fring pits Walter and Jesse against their most sophisticated enemy yet.

Monday, July 29

Season 4 (13 episodes), 12:00 pm

With Hank closing in on Gus, Walter does everything in his power to ensure not only his survival but also his ultimate victory.

Tuesday, July 30

Season 5A (8 episodes), 5:00 pm

As the Breaking Bad saga draws to a close, characters begin to reach the limits of their criminal morality.


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