‘Breaking Bad’ GPS Coordinates Lead to Studio Where Show Was Shot

"Breaking Bad" includes a tribute to its home

If you use Walter White's GPS numbers to go hunting for his treasure, you're going to be disappointed. But you will find a cool inside joke.

The GPS coordinates where Walt he buried his cache of cash on Sunday's episode (+34° 59' 20.00", -106° 36' 52") aren't actually for a location in the middle of the desert. Instead, they lead to ABQ Studios, where "Breaking Bad," "The Avengers," and other productions have shot.

On Sunday, Walt cleverly used GPS tracking to hide barrels of money in a sequence that gave the episode its title, "Buried." He then recorded the numbers on an innocent-looking Lotto ticket.

Of course, it's possible that Walt's GPS readout was wrong, or that he made a mistake with the numbers.

Perhaps when he goes back to look for his bundles, instead he'll find ABQ Studios, where an actor named Bryan Cranston, playing a man who looks just like him, will also be looking for his money. Confused and upset, Walt then retrieves his ricin, as we saw him do in the flashforward at the start of last week's episode, and ends it all.