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‘Breaking Bad': Is This How It Ends?

BuzzFeed highlights a "pretty mindblowing" theory

Has the Internet cracked "Breaking Bad"?

A weekend BuzzFeed post highlighted what the site calls a "pretty mindblowing" theory about how the AMC meth drama will conclude. We'd love to give credit where it's due, but the theory is tough to source. A fan on the Straight Dope message board, identified as Bob Ducca, says he read it "somewhere, maybe Reddit."

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Or maybe he snuck right into Vince Gilligan's mind. We don't know. Here's the theory:

Meth mastermind Walter White has killed lots of people, and — we never noticed this before — he picks up some little trait from each of his victims. He starts cutting the crusts off his sandwiches because Crazy 8 did. He gets a Volvo like Gus Fring had. He starts getting drinks on the rocks, because so did Mike.

In the Denny's scene that started season 5, Walt shapes his bacon into his new age, 52, just like his wife, Skyler, did when he turned 50. And he uses Skyler's maiden name on his fake ID.

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"Based on his history of picking up traits from his victims," writes Ducca, "I believe Walt is going to murder Skyler before the series is over, and it probably had already happened before he showed up at the Denny's in the Season 5 cold open."

Well, that's dark. 

Of course, maybe Walt just arranges his bacon that way because he misses Skyler. Or to tell his dear friends, the viewers, that a year has passed.

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Or maybe this really is his ultimate victory: He's finally allowed to have real bacon, instead of the veggie stuff Skyler made him eat. Is this what the show has been about all along? Overcoming emasculation through the power of cholesterol?

Of course, the show can't end with Skyler dying: Walt still has that ricin with which to kill someone else. And I think, personally, that the show has been building up to one or both of Walter's kids dying. Skyler's pregnancy with Holly was one of the catalysts/justifications for him to get into the meth game in the first place. And he fiercely loves Junior. There would be no more savage karma than for Walt's children to die after he's threatened so many other people's.

There's lot of speculation that Junior will die by his dad's own meth, but that seems a little on the nose.

Anyway, yow.