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‘Breaking Bad Meets Seinfeld’ – More Synergy Than You Might Think (Video)

Put some slap-bass and a laugh track on there and damn, Walter White is funny

Wait, was “Seinfeld” actually funny, or just a really serious, uncomfortable-to-watch adult drama with the right music and laugh track?

Going by this video mashup from YouTuber Matin Comedy, its hard to tell.

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In it, one of “Breaking Bad’s” more cringe-y moments is overlaid with “Seinfeld” music and studio-audience laughter, and wow — the result is giving us 1990s flashbacks. C’mon, you can totally picture Kramer referring to himself as “Heisenberg.”

It’s actually the second episode of “Breaking Bad Meets Seinfeld,” and the first one plays pretty well, too — and he’s also given the treatment to “Game of Thrones.”

Check out the newest offering here: