‘Breaking Bad’ Parody ‘Joking Bad’ Released by Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Fallon is the one who knocks

There’s nothing humorous about dealing crystal meth to provide for family after cancer claims a man — but there is plenty of funny to be mined in selling jokes on the black market.

Jimmy Fallon found it.

The late night host released his “Breaking Bad” parody, “Joking Bad,” on Wednesday, which delivered on all the promises the teasers offered. And then some.

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“Joking Bad,” a near 13-minute remake spanning several seasons of its dark, real-life inspiration, features cameos by not just the “Late Night” staffers, but also comedian Colin Quinn, plus Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk of the AMC original series.

Even Jay Leno, who Fallon will soon replace at “The Tonight Show,” gets in on the fun.

Watch the video: