‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite – Again – for Super Bowl Spot With a Surprise Guest (Video)

The two actors recently reprised their roles on the final season of AMC spinoff series “Better Call Saul”

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back together again… again. Only this time, instead of cooking up drugs, Walter White has cooked up a “bomb” snack food for Super Bowl Sunday. And they brought one more “Breaking Bad” alum with them.

Cranston and Paul recently reunited onscreen for the final season of AMC’s acclaimed spinoff series “Better Call Saul,” but they’re already back together again for this Super Bow spot.

Because another week is just too long to wait for the most highly anticipated commercials of the year, PopCorners released their Super Bowl spot on Monday morning, bringing fans back to Walt’s (Cranston) van. Dressed in their full gear, Jesse (Paul) tries out the latest product, and promptly starts freaking out.

When Jesse hails Walter as an artist, Walt assures him that “it’s just basic ingredients” — before promptly chastising him for eating their own supply. But, Jesse wants to bring in a distributor quickly. “And I know just the guy to talk to,” he hints.

Who should show up then but none other than Raymond Cruz as Tuco Salamanca. Fans will remember him from the first two seasons of “Breaking Bad,” and he’s just as intense as ever.

“Tight! Tight! Tight!” he exclaims about the new snack. “Yeah! How much of this stuff do you have?”

Of course, six flavors isn’t enough, so he yells at the duo to create a seventh, before ominously promising, “We’re gonna eat a lot of snacks together!”

You’ll also see Cranston riff on another one of Walter White’s most iconic “Breaking Bad” lines in the Super Bowl spot, which is packed with references to the Emmy-winning series.

You can watch the full commercial reunion in the video above, and you’ll see the spot during the big game on Sunday.