Breaking Glass to Release ‘From the Head’

Breaking Glass Pictures has picked up North American rights to George Griffith’s “From the Head"


Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights for George Griffith’s “From the Head,” starring Matthew Lillard (“The Descendants.”)  

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Based on Griffith’s real-life experiences and shot entirely in a strip-club bathroom, this semi-autobiographical tale explores the dysfunctional assemblage that populates the strip scene and their affect on the psyche of its resident bathroom attendant.

Russell Gray and Christopher Lemole produced the film, which plans a late spring/early summer theatrical release.

"George Griffith has a voice that is original and inspired, with such promise it's hard to imagine what he'll deliver next. One thing is for sure, it will be bold,” said Lillard.

“Truly inventive filmmaking. Nowhere else will you see an entertaining film set entirely in a bathroom and based around a guy who refined the art of bathroom attending,” said Michael Repsch, VP sales & operations for Breaking Glass Pictures.  His colleague Evan Gusz continued: “It’s really the rare scenario where someone had a great idea and then applied flawless execution to that idea.”

Lemole is part of a new venture with the production company BenderSpink (“The Hangover”) to produce low-budget films. BenderSpink’s JC Spink helped guide the film to Breaking Glass.