Keith Olbermann Possibly Heading to Current TV, NY Times Reports

UPDATE – Paper website reports that Former MSNBC host and his partners planned announcement Tuesday will see him heading to Al Gore-created network

Updated: 6:25 p.m. PST

Keith Olbermann is considering joining Current TV, the New York Times reported online late Monday, citing people familiar with his plans.

The newspaper said Olbermann and the channel, founded by former Vice President Al Gore and others, did not deny that the channel would partner with Olbermann in at least some of his future plans. But the paper said Olbermann could also pursue other ventures, such as an Internet destination.

The former "Countdown" has a conference call scheduled for Tuesday at 11 ET. 


What's next for Keith Olbermann? We find out Tuesday.

Just weeks after his abrupt exit from MSNBC, the former "Countdown" host plans an announcement with his new partners about his next steps.

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The announcement will come in a conference call with reporters at 11 ET. An announcement about the call included no indication of who Olbermann's new partners are.

Olbermann, who has used Twitter to communicate with Friends of Keith since his exit from MSNBC, was silent Monday on his plans.

Citing an individual familiar with the situation, TheWrap reported on Jan. 21, the night Olbermann signed off from "Countdown," that Olbermann's departure was by choice and that he had his eye on creating a media empire like Huffington Post.

Dominic Patten contributed to this report.