‘Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade Rants About Biden’s COVID-19 Testing Disclosures: ‘Why Does He Get a Pass?’ (Video)

“The campaign did release he was tested yesterday,” co-host Steve Doocy informs him

Brian Kilmeade Fox & Friends
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“Fox & Friends” Brian Kilmeade demanded to know Monday why Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gets “a pass” on his COVID-19 testing transparency. Steve Doocy informed his co-host that Biden’s campaign has been regularly releasing information on his test results.

“Again, Vice President Biden is getting a pass. They tell us almost nothing about his testing. We don’t know about his protocols. We don’t know what he does,” Kilmeade said. “We know he’s been tested twice since the debate or three times since the debate because the president tested positive. Why does he get a pass all of a sudden?”

“We know he’s — he’s negative, though. He did test, negative,” interjected Ainsley Earhardt.

“Right,” an exasperated Kilmeade continued. “But where’s his protocols? What does his staff do? The president’s got to be transparent but the vice president doesn’t?”

“The campaign did release that he was tested yesterday and as Ainsley said, it was negative,” replied Doocy calmly. “So, let’s see how it goes from here.”

Meanwhile, on MSNBC’s morning offering, “Morning Joe,” the hosts criticized the current administration, saying its handling of Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis has created a “credibility crisis.”

Joe Scarborough summed it up before tossing to AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire, saying, “What we know Monday morning is this: The White House lied repeatedly about the president’s condition on Friday. The White House doctors lied repeatedly about the president’s condition on Saturday. The White House doctors admitted on Sunday, in fact, that they had lied about the president’s condition on Saturday and there was the suggestion they did so so as not to upset their patient, which is their primary concern.”

Lemire said, “Let’s say this right up front, Joe. This is a national security threat and the White House has a credibility crisis. There has been mixed messaging and non-answers and outright lies since Friday when the president was taken on Marine One from the White House to Walter Reed Medical Center.”

On Sunday, doctors said Trump responded well to treatment and his condition has continued to improve, enough so that he might be released from the hospital as early as Monday. They also revealed new details that the president’s condition was more serious than previously disclosed.

Watch the “Fox & Friends” moment below:


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