The Brian Lewis vs. Fox News War Is on as the Fired Exec Lawyers Up

Fired Fox exec has retained a high-powered lawyer who says Fox News and Roger Ailes should be afraid — very afraid

The fight between Brian Lewis and Fox is about to get ugly.

Lewis, who was Roger Ailes' senior advisor and Fox's executive vice president of corporate communications, was fired on July 25 for "financial irregularities." Now he's lawyering up — and going on the offense.

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His newly-retained counsel, bigshot entertainment lawyer, Judd Burstein, told TheWrap that Lewis is ready and legally able to spill all of Fox's secrets.

"I have just been retained and am still plotting our course of action," Burstein said in a statement. "But two things are very clear to me. First, Brian Lewis no longer has any confidentiality obligation to Newscorp or Roger Ailes because of the false and malicious statements made by Fox to date."

The second thing is a doozy: "Roger Ailes and Newscorp have a lot more to fear from Brian Lewis telling the truth about them than Brian Lewis has to fear from Roger Ailes and his toadies telling lies about Brian Lewis."

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Lewis was previously much kinder to his former longtime employers, telling TVNewser that "it has been an honor and privilege to work for Roger Ailes the past 20 years and I wish nothing but the best for him and the great people at Fox News." Looks like that's changed.

Fox News did not respond to requests for comment.

Gawker was the first to report the news.