Brian Williams Apologizes After Woman Says VA Is ‘F—ed Up’ Live on MSNBC (Video)

Williams’ return to primetime is marred by the F-word

Brian Williams is sorry.

In his return to primetime TV, anchoring MSNBC’s Iowa caucuses coverage, the former “NBC Nightly News” anchor had to apologize after a young, impassioned Iowa voter yelled on-camera that the Veterans Administration is “f—ed up.”

“We apologize,” Williams said on behalf of himself, MSNBC and reporter Jacob Soboroff, who was in a gym watching the exchange between the woman and Sanders supporters who were trying to get her to join them.

The Sanders supporters stressed that their candidate would help veterans, to which the woman said she was a veteran, with many veterans in her family, and used the F-word to describe the agency’s failures.

The VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. The fact that I haven’t gotten benefits in three months is because the VA is so f—ed up,” she said, before the network cut her off.

Williams returned to television last September after a six-month suspension for exaggerating details from various situations throughout his career. The scandal broke when Williams claimed a chopper he was riding in got hit by an RPG during the early days of the Iraq War.

Watch the video above.