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‘Bridgerton’s’ Calam Lynch ‘Open’ to Returning for More of That Theo and Eloise Storyline

”I think they’re perfect for each other,“ the actor tells TheWrap

Actor Calam Lynch, who stole Eloise Bridgerton’s heart as printer’s apprentice Theo in Season 2 of Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” tells TheWrap he’s “open” to returning to the show for Season 3.

“Bridgerton” executive producer Chris Van Dusen recently told TheWrap of the Eloise Season 2 storyline that gave her a love interest, “I think some work has definitely been done this season to set Eloise up for future seasons and I think Theo’s very much a part of that.” So, we asked the actor about his thoughts on returning to the show since Van Dusen’s statement implies more Theo at some point in the future.

“I mean, listen, I really loved working on the show. They’re a really, really great group of people,” Lynch told TheWrap Thursday morning. “And I love the character; I love the relationship with Eloise; I love Claudia Jessie, love working with her. So I’m open, you know. The people at Shondaland have made a brilliant show. They know what’s best for the character, so I’m sure that they’ll make a great call whatever they do.”

Nothing is officially confirmed, but clearly there is great interest from “Bridgerton” watchers in an Eloise and Theo relationship (even if things were broken off in the Season 2 finale). And yes, Lynch has seen some of those #Theloise social media postings from fans.

“My friends who are on TikTok are sending me the TikToks of #Theloise, and I’m like, but have you just found that corner of the internet that likes Theo and Eloise or is it actually like a thing? But it makes me so happy, you know? Because maybe you have to do it as an actor, but I love their story, and I bought into them as a couple,” he said. “And I thought they should be together. I think they’re perfect for each other. So then when it comes out to have people all around the world thinking the same thing and feeling as moved by it as we did when we were working on it is like the most satisfying thing as an actor because it means we’re not going crazy. You know, it means that like, it was real.”

Calam Lynch as Theo in episode 208 of "Bridgerton" (Liam Daniel/Netflix)
Calam Lynch as Theo in episode 208 of “Bridgerton” (Liam Daniel/Netflix)

In the meantime, when we brought up the whole Penelope outing Eloise as hanging out unchaperoned with “political radicals,” Lynch dropped a theory about how Lady Whistledown’s most avid reader (and sleuth), Queen Charlotte, would see the Bridgerton daughter’s relationship with the printshop assistant.

“I feel like if the Queen knew actually what was going on, the Queen’s a sucker for true love. So I feel like maybe the Queen, even though it breaks all societal rules for them to be together, to have any kind of public relationship, I can see the queen — of all the characters, I think Queen Charlotte she’d be quite high on the list of people who might approve and the most important,” he said.

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