Brie Larson Says Farewell to YouTube – For Now (Video)

“I’ve got to go back to my job,” the “Captain Marvel” star says

This week was a sad one for fans of the YouTube channel Brie Larson set up as a way to pass time during the pandemic.

The “Captain Marvel” star posted an update after one year of making YouTube videos almost every week and said that as film sets begin to shoot again, it’s time for a hiatus from the channel.

“So I did not think that I would hit the one-year mark on this to be quite honest. I didn’t know how I’d feel putting myself out there weekly in this way,” Larson said in a video published July 1. “I think some of you know that I started this channel, I started thinking about it before the pandemic, and it was because I needed to just like…I needed to shake it up. I needed to feel like I could just be silly and normal.”

She continued to note that the main reason for slowing down the videos from her home is because, well, she’s going to be spending less time at home. More jobs are now in-person as more people get the vaccine and drive down viral transmission rates.

The video’s description read:

“Happy first birthday to my YouTube channel! Thank you to every single one of you who has helped make this a safe space for open conversation, self-expression, trial and error, and so much more! My goal has always been for this channel to be inclusive and fun, and you all helped make that happen by tuning in every week over the last year. I’ll still be uploading when I get a spark of inspiration, but for now, I’ll be taking a small step away to get back into my other job. There are ~incredible~ things coming. I hope you feel happy and safe in your body. As always, like and subscribe if you want. But you don’t have to.”

Larson added in the recording, “It’s the one-year anniversary, and at this exact time, I’m going to have to slow down on this. I can’t keep up on doing videos weekly. I’ve got to go back to my job. My first job. My acting job.”

Larson said that she’s excited to be working with other artists again and will be dropping new episodes of her podcast “Learning Lots” with co-host and fellow actress Jessie Ennis biweekly. Each episode brings on an entertainer and an expert to discuss topics including mental health and self-improvement. The podcast was also a byproduct of Larson’s unexpected pandemic downtime and launched its first episode March 11.

“I am sad about it. This is not the last video. I’m going to do more, it’s just not going to be able to be on a weekly schedule,” Larson said. “I would love to keep making things. Keep collaborating with people. The podcast Learning Lots will still be going bi-weekly, so I hope you’ll check that out. I’ve been doing it with my best friend Jessie. It’s just been a true delight.”

Take a look at Larson’s full (and maybe for now, final) video at the top of the page.


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