Britney Spears Breaks Into Jimmy Kimmel’s House With Semi-Naked Dancers (Video)

“Toxic” singer gives the late-night host a Las Vegas-style show right from the comfort of his own bed

Jimmy Kimmel and Britney Spears

Jimmy Kimmel digs pranks — and that’s a good thing, because Britney Spears just gave him quite a shock.

“I am a great lover of pranks,” Kimmel says in a clip that airs on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “Mostly, I like them when they are on other people, but I also appreciate when a good one is pulled on me.”

In a bit that’s reminiscent of one that took place last April Fool’s Day — when Rihanna broke into the host’s house in the middle of the night, jumped on his bed and started to sing — Kimmel’s wife conspired against him with Britney Spears.

“They assembled a team of dancers, and they marched them up to my bedroom in the middle of the night,” Kimmel reveals.

Spears and her buff, shirtless dancers creep into the house through his foliage and then break out into a full Vegas-style show — complete with strobe lights. While he’s hiding under the covers, they writhe on top of the bed seductively and straddle him.

“Thanks for coming by,” he jokes when the raunchy number is over. But as she heads downstairs, Spears is suddenly gobsmacked when she realizes that his kids are in the house — oops, she did it again!

“Everybody get back to Vegas,” Jimmy tells them sleepily after a encountering one of Britney’s dancers wearing head-to-toe neon light bulbs.

Watch the video below.

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