Britney Spears-Victor Wembanyama Video Pokes Holes in Both Stars’ Accounts of Security Scuffle

The pop star can be heard speaking in a British accent in the video

Video of Britney Spears’ encounter with NBA rookie Victor Wembanyama and his security detail released Friday defies both celebrities’ accounts of what happened at a restaurant in Las Vegas this week.

In the clip, Spears walks up to Wembanyama, trying to get his attention by saying “Sir, Sir” in a British accent. She doesn’t quite “grab him from behind” – his words after the fact – but it doesn’t look like a light tap on the shoulder, either.

Victor’s security guard Damian Smith then slaps Spears’ hand away from the Spurs rookie, and the police report says that she slapped herself, meaning the security guard hit her hand with the force to send it toward her face.

Spears also did not fall to the ground as she said following the incident. Her glasses did get knocked off her head, however.

After the slap, Spears stopped to collect herself, but her British-accented voice can be heard yelling, “That’s America for you. F— you all!”

Wembanyama barely looked back as Spears tried to get his attention, which mirrors what he told The AP when he described how the events unfolded.

No charges will be filed in the case between the two stars, Las Vegas police said Friday. KTNV Las Vegas Channel 13 obtained the incident report and surveillance footage examined by the police.

“Detectives and I were able to review surveillance footage of the event which showed Britney going to tap the Spurs player on the shoulder,” an investigator wrote. “When she touched the player [the security guard] pushed her hand off the player without looking which caused Britney’s hand to hit herself in the face.”

Spears said the security guard backhanded her in the face, and that he approached her table in the Las Vegas Catch restaurant afterward to apologize. Her tweet called for a public apology as well.