‘Brockmire’ Star Hank Azaria Talks Nude-Running Scene, Snorting Fake Cocaine (Exclusive Video)

“I came to fear whatever I was snorting,” actor told TheWrap

Last Updated: June 10, 2017 @ 9:20 AM

One of the more memorable scenes from the first season of IFC’s “Brockmire” featured Hank Azaria’s character, Jim Brockmire, running the bases sans clothing during a bender. And as might be expected, the experience was more than a little awkward.

“What they give you to cover yourself for that was much too long, much too large,” Azaria told The Wrap. “Which a.) made me feel very inadequate, and b.) then everyone thought that really was me in there. It took them two months to say, ‘Hey, what’s with you? You seem impressive down there.’ And then there’s no good answer. Like, ‘Actually, no — I’m only half.'”

Another unusual aspect to the role is the fake cocaine that he’s required to snort. Azaria has learned that the show’s team doesn’t always use the same substances each time to replicate the drug, so he never would never know how it would make him feel.

“Occasionally, they snuck in some niacin, which not only did it burn, but if you were a little sleepy before that, it jolted you right awake,” the actor said. “Then I came to fear whatever I was snorting, like, ‘Don’t know what this is. Should be interesting.'”

Check out the interview above.