‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Cold Open: Hitchcock & Scully Ruin Holt’s Vacation High (Exclusive Video)

Kiss your tanks goodbye, Peralta and Diaz

Last Updated: March 15, 2016 @ 9:32 AM

And Captain Holt was in such a good mood, too. What a shame.

Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) blow Det. Jake Peralta’s (Andy Samberg) best-laid plans Tuesday during the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cold open, a clip exclusive to TheWrap. The doofus duo tease their boss about a little three-pound weight gain, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

After all, back from a week with husband Kevin in France, Holt (Andre Braugher) hit a “vacation high,” and was primed to be agreeable to any and all outlandish requests. Here is what his team came up with:

Gina (Chelsea Peretti) wants a police horse, and Terry to be riding it almost constantly.
Terry (Terry Cruz) wants an HR person to remind people about workplace boundaries.
Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) wants one of those Japanese toilets that shoots a heated jet of water right up your …
Jake wants an armored personnel carrier — a.k.a. a tank.
Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) wants a tank, too.

Unfortunately, thanks to a few weight jokes from the guys in the precinct who could most stand to lose a few, none of that is happening tonight.

Watch the video above.

Also on Tuesday’s episode, in an attempt to prove to his old precinct that he’s not a joke, Terry enlist Jake’s help in solving a case from his past. Meanwhile, Adrian (guest star Jason Mantzoukas) moves in with Charles to mixed results and Amy invites herself to a hyper-competitive training exercise with Holt and Rosa.

The “Terry Kitties” episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” airs 9/8c on Fox.