‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Premiere: Holt’s New Job Is Going Terribly (Exclusive Video)

Police captain craves another authoritative position while mired in witness protection

Poor Captain Holt.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is back on the case Tuesday, though Andre Braugher‘s Raymond Holt won’t be anywhere near a precinct — and that’s by design. Both he and Andy Samberg‘s Jake Peralta will start Season 4 in Florida, where they’re adjusting to new lives under the Witness Protection Program. After all, Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis is still on the loose, which makes wearing a badge rather dangerous.

The duo’s one human link to their regular lives is U.S. Marshall Karen Haas (guest star Maya Rudolph) — but their anonymity may be in danger when a video of them goes viral. Take a wild guess on which of the two NYPD members will probably screw this whole thing up.

In the above clip, which is exclusive to TheWrap, Holt jockeys for some more responsibility at his miserable arcade job. Let’s hope it’s all very temporary. The kid that runs the joint doesn’t see him as management material, despite Holt’s — err, Greg, as he’s now known — stroke of brilliance to add sinks to the restrooms.

This man desperately needs to get back in his dress blues. Watch the video above.

Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returns with episode “Coral Palms Pt.1” Tuesday, September 20 at 8 p.m.