Bruce Willis Immortalized with Chocolate ‘Die Hard’ Statue in Japan

Happy Valentine's Day "Die Hard" fans

Bruce Willis has already been immortalized on film as the one and only John McClane, but now he's finally been immortalized as a statue to cement his action icon status. And it's edible.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a giant chocolate replica of Willis was unveiled during a "Good Day to Die Hard" promotional event in Japan on Wednesday.

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The unique piece of movie memorabilia was presented by K1 fighter Nobuaki Kakuda (pictured left, dressed like McClane), actor Satoshi Nozawa and leather-clad singer Norkio Sakai (also pictured left), who rode in on a motorcycle to imitate the Russian femme fatale (Yulia Snigir) seen undressing in every trailer for the fifth "Die Hard" film.

While Willis must be flattered by the candy carving of his likeness — complete with an assault rifle in his hands — most reviews of his latest action effort aren't as sweet. In fact, they're downright rotten, according to the current 12 percent rating on critics aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Although midnight screenings of "A Good Day to Die Hard" earned 20th Century Fox $840,000 Thursday, it remains to be seen whether or not this chocolate statue of an aging McClane will be the tastiest part of the release.