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Bryan Cranston Channels Walter White to Scare Daughter’s Boyfriends (Video)

”I can dissolve your body in seconds. Okay? Just remember that when you’re out on Lookout Point,“ says ”Breaking Bad“ actor

Dating could turn out to be a tricky proposition for Bryan Cranston’s daughter, because he plans to go full “Walter White” on her unsuspecting suitors.

Cranston explained how he’s “looking forward” to the day he can intimidate his daughter’s dates by channeling his “Breaking Bad” character, the ruthless drug kingpin Walter White, during an appearance on NBC’s “Sunday Today with Willie Geist.”

“Well, I think what I would do is have a barrel next to me with some chemicals handy, and just let them see it. You know, like ‘Oh, it’s real, son. I can dissolve your body in seconds. Okay? Just remember that when you’re out on Lookout Point,” Cranston in the interview that airs tomorrow.

Cranston, who portrayed one of the most legendary characters in TV history on “Breaking Bad,” has been reviving the character recently. In addition to the interview with Geist, he recently brought Walter White back to life for an episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

During the “SNL” cold open, Beck Bennett’s Jake Tapper came on to interview president-elect Donald Trump’s latest and most interesting cabinet pick: new DEA boss Walter White, played by none other than Cranston.

According to the “Breaking Bad” antihero and chemistry teacher-turned-meth dealer, White was strongly vetted by Steve Bannon, who found him “in a Breitbart comment section.”

When asked by Tapper if he’s concerned that the Senate might not approve him for the job, White admitted that they might be concerned he faked his own death. “I’m only the third person in the Trump cabinet to do that,” he said.

But he assured the American people that he and Trump were going to “Make America Cook Again” and fill America with “red, white and a whole lot of blue.”