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How Bryan Cranston’s ‘Infiltrator’ Role Is Totally Unlike His Own Life (Exclusive Video)

”If I mess up, I just do the scene over again,“ former ”Breaking Bad“ star tells TheWrap

For Bryan Cranston, being an actor and going undercover share some similarities — except when it comes to, say, taking down a notorious drug cartel.

“If I mess up, I just do the scene over again,” the “The Infiltrator” star told TheWrap in a recent interview.

“But the consequences for Bob Mazur was the operation could be totally blown, and two-and-a-half years of work down the drain — and that’s on the good side.”

In the movie, Cranston stars as Robert Mazur, the real-life U.S. customs agent who went undercover in the 1980s to help take down Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel.

“He could easily have been killed if they found out, and they wouldn’t have stopped with just him.”

“The Infiltrator” opens on July 13.

Watch the video above.