Bryan Cranston Reveals One Superhero Villain He’d Like to Play (Video)

“I would kind of like to carve out a new identity,” says the actor

Bryan Cranston doesn’t want to play a superhero villain that’s been played a lot by others before — instead, he would like to “carve out a new identity.”

Like, maybe, one who has super-strength, telekinesis talents and the ability to implant the genes of other mutants into his own, allowing him to copy their powers? Dare we say, Mister Sinister?

“Lex Luthor, there’s been a lot of that. I’ve been asked to take a look at Commissioner Gordon. It’s like, I would be one in several and I would kind of like to carve out a new identity,” he told Greg Grungberg during an episode of “Geeking Out.” “Mister Sinister has always been someone…that would be very cool.”

Earlier this week, TheWrap reported that Mister Sinister would appear in “Wolverine 3,” set for a release on March 3, 2017.

As to who will play Sinister in the film, there are several contenders. “Narcos” star Boyd Holbrook was cast as a villain in “Wolverine 3,” but his character was described as “the head of security for a global corporation.”

Chances are then Richard E. Grant, who was cast as a “mad scientist” in the film, is the leading contender to play Sinister, with Holbrook probably playing his chief agent out hunting Wolverine.

Maybe Cranston will have a shot — after all, this isn’t the first time the “Breaking Bad” actor revealed his desire to play the villain. Last year during New York Comic Con, he said he would like to play the X-Men character in a Marvel film.

For the time being, fans can see Cranston in the upcoming “Power Rangers” movie scheduled for release in March 2017, in which the actor will play ranger mentor Zordon.

Watch the video above.