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Bryan Singer Accuser Michael Egan Says He’s ‘Looking to Sue’ His Former Lawyer

Egan claims former lawyer’s treatment of him was ”no better than the pedophiles“

Michael Egan might have found one more person to sue: His former attorney, Jeff Herman.

In an interview with New York magazine, Egan — who earlier this year sued “X-Men” director Bryan Singer, former NBC executive Garth Ancier, Broadway producer Gary Goddard and former Disney executive David Neuman, claiming that they had sexually abused him — says that he’s considering suing Herman, after Herman made “such a mess” of his legal case.

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Egan, who filed his lawsuits in April, dropped his case against Singer in late August. The suit was dropped without prejudice, meaning that Egan could theoretically refile his case. However, in his lengthy profile on Egan, writer Robert Kolker recalls Egan telling him that Herman, who filed a motion to withdraw as Egan’s client in May, botched things so badly that finding another attorney would be difficult.

“Herman’s created such a mess for me that nobody wants to touch it,” Egan told Kolker. “In all honesty, based on what Herman’s done, I’m looking to sue Herman. I just think to myself, ‘How does he put his head on the pillow at night knowing what he did to me?'”

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In late July, news broke that Singer had tried to settle with Egan for $100,000, a settlement that would have included a confidentiality agreement. In the New York article, Egan likened Herman’s encouragement to sign a confidentiality agreement to the sexual abuse he claims to have suffered.

“I look at what Jeff did to me as no better than the pedophiles,” Egan said.

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Egan’s suits against Ancier, Neuman and Goddard — who, like Singer, had adamantly professed their innocence — were dismissed earlier this year. Ancier has since filed suit against Egan and his former attorneys, claiming malicious prosecution.