Hollywood Sex Ring Case: Past Deposition Raises New Questions Over Bryan Singer, Gary Goddard Allegations

Michael Egan claimed in a 2003 deposition to have never been to Hawaii, but now alleges that is where most of the sexual abuse occurred in 1998-1999

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 9:53 AM

A deposition dating back to 2003 has thrown a new wrinkle into the sexual assault suits filed against director Bryan Singer and Broadway producer Gary Goddard.

Michael Egan filed suit against Singer, Goddard, and two other Hollywood executives, alleging that he was drugged and raped as part of a Hollywood sex ring at different parties held in California and Hawaii in 1998 and 1999, when Egan was 17-years old.

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In the 2003 deposition, which BuzzFeed first uncovered, Egan stated explicitly that he had never been to Hawaii, which directly conflicts with his accusations against Singer. The deposition was in relation to a 2000 sex-abuse lawsuit involving Egan and four other plaintiffs. The defendants in that case were Internet entrepreneurs.

When asked about going on trips with the defendants, Egan said under oath that he had “never had any trips outside the continental U.S., no.” He specified Hawaii in relation to this, saying that another plaintiff had traveled there with the defendants.

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In the deposition, Egan said the reason he did not go with the others on trips to places like Hawaii and Mexico is he had to get the approval of his mother. He was able to go on what he called “smaller” trips, within the continental United States.

“Any trip that I ever asked to go anywhere within any far amount of distance to Mexico, any of those my mom would say no and pretty much lock the door and not let me go.”

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The attorney for Gary Goddard, Paul Gaspari of the Weintraub Tobin law firm, made the following statement: “We have seen the excerpts from Michael Egan’s deposition taken under oath in 2003, published in BuzzFeed. His testimony corroborates what we have been saying since this fabricated claim was first made –  that Gary Goddard was never in Hawaii with Michael Egan, and never assaulted him in any way. This sworn testimony confirms that Michael Egan was never in Hawaii and he has testified under oath that no one other than those he accused in the 2000 lawsuit, which did not include Gary Goddard, ever assaulted him. The allegations against Gary Goddard are provably false.”

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Egan’s attorney, Jeff Herman, filed suits against Singer, Goddard, and television executives David Neuman and Garth Ancier. He has subsequently filed another suit against Singer and Goddard on behalf of an anonymous British teen, also alleging sexual assault.


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