Conan Vows Revenge Against BTS After J-Hope Identifies Him as ‘Curtain’ (Video)

Jimin and Jin mocked him for it, if that helps, Conan

Just a few days after Conan O’Brien set an end date for his TBS late-night series “Conan,” the host was reflecting on his linear TV legacy during Wednesday’s show, unsure he’s made much of an impact thanks to BTS member J-Hope’s flub on a Korean variety series.

“Without sounding too highfalutin, I’ve started to wonder a little bit about, gee, 28 years on TV. Day in and way out, every night. What’s my impact been? What have I meant to the world? These are just natural questions, you know?” O’Brien said on Wednesday’s “Conan.” “Have I really made a difference? What’s my legacy going to be on this spinning blue globe called Earth?”

Conan then revealed he’d gotten a “hint” of it yesterday, when the ultra-famous BTS played a game on a Korean variety show where they had to identify celebrities by their pictures — and J-Hope incorrectly called him, “Curtain.”

Now, even though J-Hope was mercilessly mocked by Jimin and Jin for the mistake and how he could possibly not know who Conan O’Brien is, Conan took the “Curtain” guess pretty hard.

“Curtain. He called me Curtain!” O’Brien shouted at sidekick Andy Richter.

“Well, it’s like the whole world is convening to wish you well on hour new endeavor and we’re drawing the curtain on–” Richter said.

Conan then vows revenge on BTS — while also admitting he has no real way to get revenge on them ever at all.

“I’ll get you BTS. Oh, I’ll get you good,” O’Brien said. “And by that I mean I’ll silently resent you, I have no power to do anything to you. You’re going to go on to have huge success. I’m very old and on the way out and you guys are pretty much running the world, so when I say, I’ll get you, I just mean I’m going to stew in my own juices for quite a long time and you’ll be vastly unaware.”

Watch the full video above.


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