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Black NASCAR Driver Bubba Wallace on Confederate Flag Ban: ‘There’s No Good That Comes With That Flag’ (Video)

”There’s no good that comes with that flag,“ he says on ”GMA“

Racecar driver Bubba Wallace said he’s proud of the recently announced ban on the confederate flag at NASCAR events, saying there’s “no good” that comes from displaying it.

On Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” Robin Roberts asked how Wallace — NASCAR’s only full-time Black driver — would respond to fans who say they won’t return to the sport in light of the new policy. He responded, “We live in a very selfish world. I am selfish myself and this is so much more than about ourselves. This is about our brothers and sisters that are suffering through a lot.”

Wallace continued, “You look at the confederate flag and how, yes, it may mean heritage to most, but to a group that is in a lot of pain right now — the African American community is in a lot of pain — that’s a symbol of hate and it brings back so many bad memories, signs of oppression from way back when. There’s no good that comes with that flag and that’s the message we’re trying to get across. It’s not about you. It’s about a group of people that we are trying to bring together and make this world a better place for.”

He said “we’re in a tough time,” noting “our voices just haven’t been heard.”

Still, he said, “I think, up until this point, things are really starting to change. The timeframe on that? I have no idea but I think we gotta continue to stay out there and fight for what’s right so I’m proud of the community coming together and — from all backgrounds, coming together — and trying to change the image of America and make black lives matter. That’s what’s special.”

He spoke of unity and the need for everyone to come together on the issues.

NASCAR issued a statement June 1 about the ongoing civil rights protests across the country, noting that “For us to heal and move forward as a nation, we all need to listen more and be unite in the stand against racism, hatred, senseless violence and loss of life… and we must hold ourselves accountable to driving positive change.”

Earlier this week, Wallace called out the organization for its longstanding approval of the flag at races.

Speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon Monday night, Wallace said, “my next step would be to get rid of all confederate flags. No one should feel uncomfortable when they come to a NASCAR race. It starts with confederate flags. Get them out of here. They have no place for them.”

On Wednesday, NASCAR agreed, issuing a statement prohibiting the flag from being displayed at related events and properties.

Watch Wallace’s “GMA” interview below: