Burger King Throws Shade at Pennywise After Screening of ‘It’ in Germany (Video)

Fast food chain hijacks a screening to turn the horror movie into the longest Burger King ad ever

Burger King Germany hijacked a screening of “It” to turn the record-breaking film into the longest Burger King TV ad of all time.

The fast food chain added an on-screen message to the end of a pre-screening of the film as it was winding down, which read: “The moral is: never trust a clown.” When the Burger King logo appeared, the crowd burst out laughing, because the company was obviously throwing shade at Ronald McDonald.

The video was published by Burger King Germany on Thursday, about a week after Russia sought to ban the film in the country because Pennywise looks too much like Ronald McDonald.

The company claimed that because of the similarity, the film serves as an advertisement for their rival fast food company.

According to Newsweek, Russian financial publication Vedomosti obtained the complaint filed two weeks ago, which read that the “protagonist of the movie is an exact copy” of Ronald McDonald, “including the color range and the [balloons] with which the clown lures children.”

New Line’s “It,” starring Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown, has grossed almost $300 million domestically and more than $570 million globally since its debut last month. It broke several records, and has since become the highest grossing horror film of all time.

Watch the video above.