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‘Bush, But Worse?': Many Pundits Skeptical of Trump’s Syria Airstrike

But a few, like Piers Morgan, thought Trump was right on Syria attack

TV pundits were largely skeptical about President Donald Trump’s airstrike against Syria on Thursday, and used Twitter to accuse Trump of hypocrisy and vent fears of another war in the Middle East.

But some commentators came out strongly in favor of the strikes, including former CNN host Piers Morgan, who praised Trump for giving Syrian president Bashar al-Assad “a bloody nose to stop him using chemical weapons.”

“We should applaud it,” Morgan tweeted, calling Assad’s chemical weapons attack “a despicable war crime.”

Trump launched 59 missiles at a Syrian airfield, destroying fighter jets. Russian troops at the airfield were given advance warning and evacuated before the strike. The attack came in response to the deployment of sarin gas by Assad’s regime. The chemical attack killed dozens of civilians, including children, and left hundreds more injured. The use of chemical weapons is considered a war crime under the Geneva Protocol.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had a sense of here-we-go-again: “Our ability to convince ourselves that *every* war we enter is for humanitarian reasons is remarkable,” he tweeted Thursday night.

On Friday, Hayes also worried that the U.S. could get into another war: “What if we end up with Bush, but worse?”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid also worried where the strikes might lead.

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah wondered why the U.S. didn’t spend more on domestic problems rather than trying to “send a message to Syria.”

Univision’s Jorge Ramos was among many who pointed out that the Syrian “babies” Trump referenced in his justification for the attacks would not have been allowed into the country under his ban on refugees.

Not everyone in the Twitter-verse was making a lot of sense. InfoWars.com founder Alex Jones posted a survey on Twitter asking his followers whether or not they thought the sarin gas attack was a “false flag”–in other words, an event faked by the government to justify attacking the Assad regime. Jones spent years propagating a theory that the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a government plot to justify gun control.

Here are some Twitter reactions from pundits:


TRANSLATION: “Those same children attacked in Syria by Assad wouldn’t be able to enter the U.S. if the travel ban proposed by Trump were approved.”

TRANSLATION: “Trump attacks Syria as reprisal for the use of chemical weapons against civilians. Is this the beginning of another war that involves the U.S.? We shall see…”