Camila Morrone Says Her ‘Daisy Jones’ Character Isn’t ‘Just the Wife of a Rock Star’

The actress and the show’s producers describe the dynamic women in the show

Though she doesn’t play an instrument in the band, Camilla Alvarez now Dunne (Camila Morrone) crucially shapes the evolution of The Dunne Brothers to The Six in Prime Video’s new show “Daisy Jones & the Six,” adapted from the best-selling novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Morrone portrays the band’s eventual photographer, who starts dating Billy Dunne just as his band — then The Dunne Brothers — finds its feet. When the band decides to move to California, she doesn’t originally plan to go with them, but she ends up tagging along. 

“She is central to this band,” said creator Scott Neustadter, who adapted the show. “She feels like they are her family, and she is the mom in a way. That’s her superpower. We leaned into that.”

Camila sets the tone for women in the band when Karen Sirko (Suki Waterhouse) asks her if it’s worth leaving The Winters to join the group of four guys. 

“She’s really the propeller. She welcomes these beautiful, incredibly talented women into her life with such grace and never really looks at them as a threat,” Morrone said. 

One night before they get a deal to cut an album, Karen suggests a name change for the band due to the fact that there are now women involved, and she suggests “The Six” include Camila.

“When Karen at the diner says that Camilla is the sixth member of the band, that was like a really sweet and emotional scene because Camilla really feels seen. Karen makes sure to make Camilla feel how important she [is],” she added. ”She [isn’t] just the wife of a rock star, She [isn’t] labeled as one thing. That kind of represents these female dynamics in the show of uplifting women.”

Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) comes in on the band’s next album to feature on the song “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb),” but she and Billy clash immediately. Camila makes it possible for Daisy (Riley Keough) to join The Six when she invites her to their housewarming party even though she and Billy are at odds over recording.

“She’s the heart and soul of the book. She keeps everyone together,” executive producer Brad Mendelsohn told TheWrap. “She supports Daisy despite knowing what’s going on or what she thinks might be going on between her and Billy. She’s just the through line.”

Camila senses that Daisy makes The Six better even if Keough’s character might make things more complicated for Billy.

”Despite all the stuff that happens between Daisy and Camilla, Camilla doesn’t ever act like a threatened woman,” Morrone continued. “Camila knows what’s best for the band and in a lot of ways, she puts herself aside and her needs and her emotions and insecurities aside in order to best benefit the band. That’s one of her most incredible attributes — her ability to be selfless and put other people first and do what’s best for others.”