Too Many Streamers, Too Many Shows: How Minnow App Hopes to Solve the Discoverability Problem

”How do you make it easier to surface great content across all these different platforms if all of the legacy studios are just building these big, walled gardens,“ CEO Jes Bickhart says

Whether you’re Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, one of the primary challenges for streamers is creating a platform that makes it easy for subscribers to find and discover content — and then make sure they stay there.

But the discovery problem is about to get even worse as every conglomerate in town is getting in on the streaming wars with their own services. And if you’re the average consumer, how do you avoid spending hours on the couch trying to decide on a movie or track down exactly what you want to watch? How do you avoid the paradox of choice that inevitably ends with watching just another episode of “Friends?”

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Brian Welk

Film Reporter • • Twitter: @brianwelk