I Canceled Amazon Prime And You Probably Can Too

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Amazon will ship for free if you don’t have Prime. So, why do 200 million of us need it?

Jeff Bezos (AI-generated image by Midjourney/Big Technology)

Last June, on a whim, I canceled Amazon Prime. I’d seen the FTC’s lawsuit claiming the company “sabotaged” people’s attempts to disenroll and thought it might be worth experiencing firsthand. Within a few clicks, I was out.

I planned to return to Prime soon after canceling, but then never did. At first, I figured I’d wait to pay its $139 annual fee until I had something to buy or watch. But within a few months, I realized I didn’t need it. I still regularly buy things from Amazon with free shipping, but I’m happily out on Prime. And if you’re among its 200+ million members worldwide, you probably can be, too.


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