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Candace Owens Threatens Reporter With Allegations of Sexual Misconduct as Retaliation for a Negative Story

”I don’t know if she was simply lying or was so addled that she *thought* it was true in the moment,“ writer Jesse Singal said of the conservative talk show host

Right-wing political commentator Candance Owens retaliated against the author of a 2016 story that cast her as a conspiracy theorist by threatening him with baseless allegations of sexual misconduct.

Friday, writer Jesse Singal posted private emails from Owens on Twitter in which she says the story he wrote about her for New York Magazine made her feel uncomfortable, adding that other women reached out to her and made similar allegations — which she didn’t go into detail about — dating back to Singal’s college days.

Owens said, in the email, “I do not feel safe anymore. I am asking you to stop following me and my every move on Twitter.” She goes on to say that if Singal didn’t leave her alone, she would join the other women before her and get the police involved.

“I don’t know if she was simply lying or was so addled that she *thought* it was true in the moment,” Singal wrote on Twitter Saturday, speaking of Owens. “That is always the tricky thing with her, but what she’s doing to [Stephen] Crowder (who did, on the merits, clown himself) here is absolutely a pattern.”

Singal is referring to a current feud between Owens and right-wing YouTuber Stephen Crowder. The Daily Wire host made allegations about Crowder but did not elaborate on them – which was similar to what she did in 2016 with Singal.

Owens on her podcast said she would pray for Crowder and insinuated she had information on him.

TheWrap reached out to Owens for comment about her email exchange with Singal and has not heard back at the time of this posting.