‘Capone’ Trailer Shows Tom Hardy as Legendary Gangster Late in Life (Video)

Film from Josh Trank originally titled “Fonzo” will hit VOD on May 12

Director Josh Trank on Wednesday released the first look at Tom Hardy as the legendary gangster Al Capone in his film “Capone,” showing Hardy as an old man suffering from dementia but still dangerous and full of mystery.

Trank’s been working on the project under the name “Fonzo” for some time, but on Wednesday, he revealed the film would hit streaming early on May 12 under a new name.

“Capone” shows Hardy in his late 40s after spending 10 years in prison, when he’s developed dementia and is haunted by his violent past. But he’s still the target of investigations, with one agent suspecting he may still be hiding something.

“Do you know what the difference is between Adolf Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler’s dead. Capone lives like a king in Florida,” an agent played by Noel Fisher says in the trailer for the film. “I have reason to believe it could all be part of an elaborate act.”

“Capone” also co-stars Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, Kyle MacLachlan, Noel Fisher, Jack Lowden and Neal Brennan.

Trank wrote and directed the film and said on Twitter that though the movie has a new title, it’s still his cut of the film, and he hopes “Capone” will wind up on a big screen later this year despite its early release on streaming.

Vertical Entertainment will release “Capone” on VOD on May 12. Watch the first trailer above.