7 Reasons Critics Love ‘Captain America: Civil War’

“Everything ‘Batman v Superman’ got wrong, Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ gets right,” says one critic

“Captain America: Civil War” has been receiving high praise for months after various premieres, private screenings and showings at CinemaCon, but what’s so great about it? TheWrap combed through all of the largely positive reviews to find what’s really appealing to the critics worshipping Marvel’s latest release.

The biggest reason mentioned by several critics is the fact that “Civil War” does everything right that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” did wrong. Yes, they both have similar plot lines and both have a lot going on at any given time, but given other singular elements — like humor and incredible stunts — Marvel pulled off the concept better.

Even TheWrap’s film critic Dave White asked audiences to not compare the two movies: “For audiences feeling burned by the superhero brawling in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ just hang on — it’s not what you’re thinking.”

“Captain America: Civil War” is the third movie in the “Captain America” franchise and stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Tom Holland and Paul Rudd. Out of 184 reviews counted on Rotten Tomatoes, 171 are favorable, giving the blockbuster a 93 percent “fresh” rating.

Here are seven reasons critics love it.

1) It’s Dynamic and Entertaining

Captain America Civil War


Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post:

“Civil War’ is by far the more dynamic, entertaining film — and not surprisingly so, considering how well Disney has shepherded the Marvel Comics Universe to big-screen dominance. Crisply photographed, thoughtfully acted and often refreshingly amusing, ‘Civil War’ injects doses of much-needed fun into a genre of filmmaking that’s become mired in dour pretentiousness, when it’s not ridiculing its own excesses in such meta-snark exercises as ‘Deadpool.'”

2) The Stunts Are “The Best Money Can Buy”

Iron Man Captain America Civil War


Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times:

“On the plus side, as has become the norm with Marvel films, the cost-the-earth action stunts are the best money can buy, and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ finally works its will on us, wearing us down with the weight of its self-importance as much as anything else. If you live and breathe Marvel, this is one of the MCU’s stronger offerings. If you are a spy coming in from the cold, the answer is not so clear.”

3) Subplots Solidify Central Premise of Movie

captain america civil war


Soren Andersen, The Seattle Times:

“Working from a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, brother directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who previously directed 2014’s ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ handle their massive ensemble like elite-level orchestra conductors. Each character gets his or her fair share of screen time, and the many subplots — Cap’s Avengers-fracturing loyalty to his troubled buddy Bucky being the main one — are connected up in such a way that each reinforces the picture’s central premise. Who emerges as the winner of this ‘Civil War’? The audience. The picture delivers in a big, big way.”

4) It’s Hilarious

Captain America Civil War Spider-Man post-credits scene


Joshua Starnes, ComingSoon.Net:

“Most of all though, it’s just fun, containing moments of laugh-out-loud enjoyment which these big movies can easily miss out on while attempting to reach for stronger dramatic stakes. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is about as well-executed and fun a piece of action storytelling as has been put together in recent memory and a reminder that for all the think pieces which have (and will continue) to pop up, there is still plenty of gas in this superhero thing.”

5) Paul Rudd Is in the Movie


Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic:

“Fun, happily, is one of the many ingredients in copious supply here. When you include Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, how could it not be? Then again, there isn’t a lot of room for him, so he’s kind of wedged in there, but it’s pretty swell when he’s around.”

6) It’s Fun, But Takes on Serious Issues

Captain America Civil War


Rebecca Murray, Show Biz Junkies:

“Everything ‘Batman v Superman’ got wrong, Marvel’s ‘Captain America: Civil War’ gets right, from color palette to staging intense fight scenes to sprinkling plenty of moments of pure fun and joy throughout the two and a half hour running time. ‘Captain America: Civil War’ isn’t lighthearted fare but it takes on serious issues (including private citizens relinquishing control to the government) in such an entertaining way that unlike ‘Batman v Superman,’ the lengthy running time fairly flies by.”

7) There Are No Supervillains


Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer:

“No Loki. No Ultron. No General Zod or Doomsday. No corrupt billionaire or international conspiracy or potentially world-dominating madman. Because that’s true, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ appeals to me more strongly than any superhero movie of the last decade.”


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