Carmen Electra Rallies Women to ‘Werq’ While Flaunting Cleavage in New Music Video

Do you feel empowered yet, ladies?

Model, dancer, actress, TV personality and singer Carmen Electra is calling on women across the country to “Werq” in a new music video for a single that came out late last year.

Don’t confuse “Werq” for “work,” though.

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Electra’s hopeful entry to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary doesn’t have anything to do with earning an income, so much as it does “pick a pose, lipstick on, make your moves, get it on, tip your head, swing it back, showin’ off, all of that.”

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Oh, and flaunting lots of cleavage so men pelt your body with dollar bills while you “swing your hips from side to side.”

For anyone still not convinced that this song is about female empowerment, the 42-year-old model/actress/TV personality/singer/everything/anything pushes some dude in the pool at the end of the video (above).

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That’s some seriously hard “werq, werq, werq, werq.”