Carol Burnett, Jimmy Fallon Feel the ‘Tension’ in ‘Tonight Show’ Soap Opera (Video)

Legendary comedienne stars with Fallon in fake soap from the ’90s that got cancelled because it was just too tense

Carol Burnett and Jimmy Fallon took a trip down memory lane on Monday’s episode of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” In what’s become a recurring bit on the show, the comedians recalled a project they’d done together, and then presented various “clips” from that show.

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In reality, they were running back and forth from the desk to the set of the fake show, creating all kinds of silly sight gags between the fake clips.

After the first “clip” with Burnett, Fallon’s face was still wet from the coffee she threw in it from their supposed ’90s soap opera, “Tensions.”

The premise of the soap, and thus the skit, was that it was cancelled because it was actually too tense. Every moment lingered with heightened tension in hopes of keeping audiences excited, but it proved to be too much.

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They worked through clips from each of the three nights their show was supposedly on the air before getting cancelled.

Fallon and Burnett portrayed married couples who got up in arms over everything from coffee to the time to walking the dog. And in each instance, it ended with Burnett tossing a cup of liquid in Fallon’s face.

We can’t figure out if we like the skits better, or watching the pair of them try and pretend they weren’t just performing after they dart back to the desk between the fake clips.

“The Tonight Show” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on NBC.