Will.i.am Gives Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Ew!’ Its Own Song and Music Video

Recurring “Tonight Show” sketch introduces mir.i.am in a single that’s totally ready for radio airplay

Will.i.am took on a new persona in his latest music video. The Black-Eyed Peas founding member appeared in the latest installment of Jimmy Fallon‘s recurring sketch, “Ew!” on Monday’s episode of NBC’s “Tonight Show.”

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But this wasn’t a typical installment of the talk show parody where Fallon portrays a young teenage girl named Sara who thinks everything is “Ew!” Will.i.am brought what he does best to the production, creating a full music video and rap for the show.

Taking on the moniker mir.i.am, he immersed himself in the “Ew!” reality as a fellow teenage girl — never mind the beard — who rapped about critical things like selfies, duck lips, outfits and social media.

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Sara’s “annoying” stepdad Gary even made an appearance in the video, as usual checking in to see what the girls are doing only to be run off by their screams of “Ew!”

Only this time, it was the girls who ran off, leaving Gary to party on.