Taylor Swift Dresses Up Like Her Fans for ‘Ew!’ With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

She’s a nerd, for real!

After years of pretending to be a geek in her lyrics, multi-millionaire music superstar Taylor Swift dressed up in costume like one, too.

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At the “Tonight” Show to promote her role in “The Giver,” Swift joined Fallon in his recurring “Ew!” sketch, donning braces and a nerdy ’90s girl ensemble to portray a lonely, unicorn-drawing family friend named Natalie.

She actually does more acting in the five minute sketch than she does in the YA adaptation out in theaters this weekend — really, she has a glorified cameo. In fact, she’s pretty good at it!

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But, as per usual, it’s actually head writer AD Miles’ appearance as the dorky dad that is the best part of this segment.