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Carrie Fisher Memorialized in Princess Leia-Themed Corn Maze (Photo)

The Force lives on in a rural Indiana field

Who needs a statue propped up in a park somewhere when you can be memorialized with a massive corn maze in your likeness?

One such tribute was paid to Carrie Fisher by Jeremy Goebel of Goebel Farms in Evansville, Indiana.

“I’ve always been a ‘Star Wars’ fan and I just wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher,” Goebel, who designed and planted the Princess Leia-themed maze, told Courier Press.

Although it sounds like a really time-consuming and painstakingly arduous process, a computer does most of the work. It started with tracing a photo of Princess Leia in Photoshop and then manually adding dead ends and turnarounds. The design was then uploaded into the tractor’s GPS to plant the field.

All in all, it took only about 40 minutes to plant.

No doubt Fisher would have gotten a kick out of this “corny” tribute. Check out the masterpiece:

Carrie Fisher Corn Maze