Princess Leia Dress From Original ‘Star Wars’ Could Sell for $2 Million at Auction

Long believed to have been lost, the dress was discovered in a London attic

"Star Wars" (1977)

The dress worn by Carrie Fisher in the final scene of the original “Star Wars,” which was long believed to have been destroyed, has been found and restored and is now up for auction. It could go for as much as $2 million.

The dress — worn during the scene where Princess Leia gives medals to Han and Luke (but for some reason, not to Chewbacca) — was found in an attic in London belonging to one of the film’s original crew members. It was restored by hand over an eight-month period, according to Prop Store Auction, which is handling sale of the dress.

According to the company, the dress is the only surviving costume worn by Carrie Fisher in “Star Wars.”

Designed by Academy Award-winning costume designer John Mollo, the dress is made of “cream lightweight silk fabric and includes intricate draping,” Prop Store Auction says. Mollo won the Oscar for costume design for his work on “Star Wars” at the 1978 Oscars. According to the company, only one copy of this dress was ever made for the film.

If you have several hundred thousand dollars burning a whole in your pocket, you could own a piece of Hollywood — and let’s face it, American cultural history. Bidding started at $500,000 and as of this writing there has only been one bid for $750,000. The dress is valued at between $1 million and $2 million.