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Casey Kasem Will Be Buried in Norway

Kasem’s widow, Jean, chose to have him buried in Oslo, though his children say the legendary broadcaster had no connection to the country

The ongoing struggle between the wife of the late Casey Kasem and his children is heading overseas. Jean Kasem is taking the body of the legendary broadcaster to Oslo, Norway, where he will be buried.

The move was first reported in a Norwegian newspaper, VG, and has been confirmed by a representative for Kerri Kasem. According to the newspaper, a Norwegian government official, Wenche Madsen Eriksson, said, “It is arranged. He’s going to Oslo.”

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Kerri Kasem has an ongoing legal battle with her stepmother, Jean, over the care of Casey Kasem in his final days. The story first broke into the national media when Jean moved Casey Kasem from a hospital in Santa Monica through Las Vegas and then to Washington, where he ultimately passed away.

Kerri Kasem sought access to his remains in hopes that an autopsy would enable her to find evidence of elder abuse. Despite an ongoing police investigation and court orders demanding an autopsy, Jean Kasem has not complied.

With ongoing allegations from Kerri Kasem that Casey Kasem may have been the victim of elder abuse at the hands of his wife, Jean, his body was removed from the country to Canada, despite a restraining order. From Montreal, he now appears to be heading to Norway, and his final resting place.

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With Kasem’s remains in Norway, the case against Jean could become more complicated, according to Kerri Kasem’s spokesman, Danny Deraney, as they’ll now have to deal with Norway’s domestic rules and regulations.

The children of Casey Kasem, including Kerri and her brother Mike, are unclear what connection Casey Kasem had with Norway. Mike Casem said that his father deserved to be buried where he wished, in Forest Lawn, according to media reports.

Kerri Kasem’s private investigator, Logan Clarke, is confident that they won’t need to exhume Casey Kasem’s body for their elder abuse case against Jean. He cites extensive evidence already gathered, including photographs, video and witnesses, and is confident the police will continue to pursue the case.