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‘Castle’ Star Tamala Jones on Show’s Shocking Two-Parter: Expect a Lot of Death (Video)

”There’s a serial killer. There’s so much going on, it’s scary,“ ABC actress tells TheWrap in a new episode of ”Drinking With the Stars“

“Castle” is raising the stakes with a shocking two-parter set to begin Monday night.

The ABC series’ two episode February sweeps special will see the 12th Precinct matching wits with serial killers Jerry Tyson aka 3XK (Michael Mosley) and Dr. Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching).

On Part 1, titled “Resurrection,” Castle (Nathan Fillion) — who’s now a private investigator — is called in to consult on a murder case. When clues implicate his nemesis, Dr. Nieman, the team uncovers connections to the notorious 3XK.

Series co-star Tamala Jones, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish, tells TheWrap the two-parter will stun fans on a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

“You can expect a lot of emotional twists and turns, a lot of death. It’s an emotional roller coaster,” Jones said, before hinting that detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) will end up in distress. “I can’t give away too much, but Beckett goes through a lot and Castle is emotionally distraught.”

Castle and Beckett tangle with 3XK (ABC)

Castle and Beckett tangle with 3XK (ABC)

“You kind of get the sense that somebody is gonna be lost. There’s a serial killer. There’s so much going on. It’s scary,” she said.

As for Castle and his current gig as a private investigator, Jones revealed it won’t last long.

“It will pass, but he’s never gonna stop investigating,” she said.

Then, she dished on her character’s on-off relationship with Detective Esposito (Jon Huertas) — who’s currently playing the field with a series of blind dates.

“I don’t think it’s completely over between Lanie and Esposito. I think that they’re still booty call lovers and they are gonna continue on that,” Jones said.

The series is currently in its seventh season, and Jones said the staff is waiting for word on whether ABC will greenlight an eighth. When asked why “Castle” has remained a fan favorite after all these years, the actress offered a bit of insight.

“It’s not your average crime show,” she said. “It’s fun, there’s family involved, there’s love involved and there’s solving crime involved.”

Watch the interview.

The “Castle” two-part special airs on Feb. 9 and Feb. 16 at 10 p.m. on ABC