‘Casual’ Star Tommy Dewey Talks Dating Apps, Failed Relationships (Video)

“I was the only guy on set not involved in online dating,” the actor tells TheWrap

Tommy Dewey, the star of Hulu’s “Casual,” has the same struggles with dating in the age of the Internet that anyone else does.

In the latest episode of “Drinking With the Stars,” Dewey shared a story of a romance foiled by social media with TheWrap’s Greg Gilman.

By accidentally following, then un-following, then re-following a girl he was seeing on Instagram, Dewey managed to both embarrass himself and ruin a potential relationship. “She never texted me back. No text, no call back,” he said. “She saw that I definitely wasn’t cool.”

In the comedy series “Casual,” Dewey’s character, Alex, is the founder of an online dating site who uses his own product to hook up with women. Though Dewey doesn’t see anything wrong with the practice — “Why would you not?” — the actor said that he personally isn’t a fan of dating apps.

“I’m on none of them. I’m too scared to getting murdered,” he joked. “I was the only guy on set not involved in online dating.”

The Hulu series, also starring Michaela Watkins and Tara Lynne Barr, marks the first foray into television for “Up in the Air” director Jason Reitman.

Reitman, who serves as executive producer and directed the first two episodes of the show has “remained very involved” in the series, Dewey said.

New episodes of “Casual” premiere Wednesdays on Hulu.