‘Catching Fire’s’ Jena Malone Talks Flashing Hotel Employee During Nude Scene

“It’s like 49 floors, a glass elevator, everybody can see in,” the actress said on “Live With Kelly and Michael”

David Steele/Disney-ABC Domestic TV

Jena Malone accidentally gave a hotel employee quite the memory while shooting a provocative scene for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

Malone, who plays District 7’s female tribute Johanna Mason in the film, described the incident which occurred while shooting a sexy strip scene in an elevator on Wednesday’s “Live With Kelly and Michael ”

“Any time there’s nudity, it’s never that sexy to begin with, for sure,” Malone said. “It’s always a little awkward. I mean, we were actually shooting in a real hotel and a real elevator and so they couldn’t really shut down the entire hotel. It’s like 49 floors, a glass elevator, everybody can see in. It’s kind of a crazy thing.”

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Although she was surprised the nude scene wasn’t being shot in a studio or soundstage, the 29-year-old went with the flow.

“So I was like, ‘Ok wait, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this,’ she told hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.

Malone continued: “I get in and it’s great, Woody [Harrelson] and Jen [Lawrence] and Josh [Hutcherson] were so supportive and we’re good friends at that point and I think at Take 2, I’m, you know, bare bones and I’m about to leave the elevator and the doors open and there is some guy that works at the hotel carrying like a coffee cup holder. And his mouth is just like agape and I’m staring at him trying to be in character and I just fall out of frame laughing. I couldn’t take it, literally.”

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Amid laughter, Ripa joked, “Is this the employee of the month prize?”

Malone said she just let the elevator doors close on the employee and never saw him again.

As for nude scenes, Ripa, who starred on daytime soap “All My Children” for two decades, believes you should flaunt it while you still have it.

“Do it all now before gravity hits. Do it all now,” the co-host said. “This is my advice to young actresses. Be as nude now as you can.”