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‘Celebrity Family Feud': Sherri Shepherd Stuns Steve Harvey With Answer About Genital Mutilation (Video)

Good answer?

Sherri Shepherd stunned Steve Harvey into silence with a surprisingly brutal “Celebrity Family Feud” answer on Sunday night.

When asked to name something a female cop might do to her husband in the bedroom, Shepherd’s quick hand beat Ian Ziering to the buzzer and her even quicker mouth blurted out the answer, “cut his penis off.”

Whether it was the specificity of her answer, the volume, the swiftness or some combination thereof that startled Harvey, the host seemed to need a minute to regain his bearings. But Shepherd’s family immediately backed her, throwing her the traditional “good answer” cheers of encouragement.

“Sherri… listen to me,” Harvey said calmly. “This thing that we’re doing, this is a game show. You’re not supposed to be up here to get out your innermost thoughts.”

“I just thought most of America would feel that way,” Shepherd responded. “If they’ve been through… something.”

Unfortunately for her, most of America did not feel that way, and the answer not among the top six responses to the question. No surprise there. Ziering’s much more sensible, though admittedly less exciting answer of “handcuff him,” was easily the most common response.

Watch the video above.