Unofficial Celine Dion Biopic Trailer Uses Artist’s Songs But Changes Her Name – to God (Video)

“Aline Dieu” is the heroine of new film playing out of competition at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival’s out-of-competition lineup includes a biopic about Celine Dion — whose name has been curiously changed to “Aline Dieu.”

“Aline” is an unofficial biopic and fictionalized story about the life and career of the French-Canadian singing superstar Celine Dion, and it even uses her real songs, but the film has given the singer a new name entirely — one that literally means “Aline God” in French.

Online commenters weighed in on the corniness of the film’s trailer, complete with the heroine’s mother voicing concerns about her daughter’s romance with a manager twice her age who seems very much like Dion’s late husband René Angélil. “I fear my concept of reality will never recover,” journalist Chris Feil said on Twitter Thursday along with the English subtitled trailer for “Aline.” “My brain is short circuiting.”

“Aline” is playing at the Cannes Film Festival out of competition, but the film also finally secured a theatrical release date after months of delay. “Aline” was meant to open in theaters in 2020 and did manage to get a premiere at the Lumière Festival in Lyon in October 2020.

But the film’s director and star who portrays Aline, Valérie Lemercier, told Le Figaro that she resisted the urge to sell the film to streamers so that it could be seen sooner. It will now open in France November 10, 2021 following its Cannes premiere.

The film, which was at one point titled “The Power of Love,” follows “Dieu” from her beginnings in Quebec to winning the Eurovision Song competition, but also focuses heavily on her relationship with manager-husband René Angélil, who was 28 years older than the singer.

“We made fun of the Celine Dion-René Angélil couple a lot, especially on their age difference, some saying Celine was just an object for him. But of course, it was much more complicated than that. When I wrote the film, I too fell in love with René,” Lemercier also told Le Figaro.

Check out the trailer for “Aline” above or here without English subtitles.


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