‘Chance’ Star Ethan Suplee Explains Co-Star Paul Adelstein’s ‘Offensive Stench’ (Video)

Hulu drama stars Hugh Laurie as a tormented psychologist

Paul Adelstein makes a break from type in the Hulu drama “Chance” by playing the villainous police detective Raymond Blackstone, and co-star Ethan Suplee says he has an off-putting way of getting into character.

“The first time we were on set together … there was this offensive stench,” Suplee told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “It was like truck stop cologne.”

But fear not, “Private Practice” fans, Suplee says the actor doesn’t wear the “stench” in his everyday life, it’s Blackstone’s cologne, and the smell is just to help Adelstein get into the character’s head.

Suplee’s character ended last week’s episode “incapacitated,” and the actor revealed that more of D’s backstory will be revealed in this week’s episode.

“I am currently alive … We don’t know what happened to me. I have been incapacitated to a degree, but I am alive,” he said. “[This week’s] episode is the first time they switch from entirely Chance’s point of view to my point of view … I’m incapacitated, so it will be interesting.”

“House’s” Hugh Laurie stars on the Hulu drama as Eldon Chance, a San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist who finds himself in the crosshairs of an abusive police detective after making an ill-advised decision regarding his wife, an alluring patient who may or may not be struggling with a multiple personality disorder.

Picked up for two 10-episode seasons, “Chance” is based on the novel of the same name by Ken Nunn. The series was adapted by Nunn and Alexandra Cunningham, who also executive produce alongside Laurie, “Room” director Lenny Abrahamson, Michael London and Brian Grazer.