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Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon Put High Stakes on Their Arm-Wrestling Match (Video)

The ”22 Jump Street“ star says he’ll change his name to ”Dick Tugnuts“ after his victory on ”The Tonight Show“

The stakes were incredibly high, as Channing Tatums’ very identity was on the line. It all went down on the set of “The Tonight Show” when Jimmy Fallon challenged the “22 Jump Street” star to an arm-wrestling match.

Both men touted their joy in saying what they’re going to do after they win during the match. And so they did. And so it was … strange.

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Fallon promised to send Tatum a card every year on the anniversary of their arm-wrestling match that simply read, “Happy Gradution, Debra.” Tatum was going to start texting Fallon, so that he sees the “typing” bubble come up. But then, he was going to wait five years to send it, and all it was going to say was, “K.”

Other plans included Fallon stuffing himself into a duffel bag and taking a trip to Mexico, while Tatum planned to buy a boat and enjoy a girls night out.

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Fallon had the most elaborate plan, saying, “I’m gonna take a pottery class. Then I’m gonna make a sculpture of your face, and then I’m gonna bake it. Then I’m gonna paint it. Then I’m gonna smash it against the wall into a million little pieces, and then I’m gonna mail it to you piece by piece, and make you glue it back together. And when it’s finally complete, surprise! It ain’t your face at all. It’s a giant middle finger.”

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But Tatum threw down the biggest gauntlet, saying that after he won, he was going to officially change his name to “Dick Tugnuts” — though it took him a while to sputter that name out, he was laughing so hard.

And so it was, that Tatum claimed his victory, and shall henceforth be known by the name Dick Tugnuts.