Charlamagne Tha God Stumped by Dissatisfied Democrats: ‘What Am I Supposed to Tell Them, Other Than Donald Trump Is a Fascist?’ | Video

“You may think things can’t get worse, but they absolutely, positively can,” the media personality says

Charlamagne Tha God MSNBC
"The ReidOut" (MSNBC)

Radio show host and media personality Charlamagne tha God says he is stumped on how to advise Black, Democratic listeners who are disaffected by the party today under President Joe Biden.

Charlamagne, speaking as a guest on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” said he knew at least one concrete answer — that any option other than Donald Trump is the best option — but said some people weren’t willing to accept that.

Show host Joy Reid had asked Charlamagne what audience members — “specifically Black people” — are calling into his show and saying “they have not gotten out of having voted consistently for Democratics and for Joe Biden.”

“Upward mobility,” Charlamagne said. “Simple as that. Like, people want security and a lot of that security if financial. Like, it’s simple and plain. It’s been whether it was President Obama, whether it was all the way back to Clinton to now Joe Biden. They feel like the Democratic Party has never promised that.”

But Charlamagne said he didn’t have a good option for them, especially as Trump continues to have a chokehold on the Republican presidential nomination for 2024.

“Right now the problem I’m having with my listeners — what am I supposed to tell them?” Charlamagne said. “Like, what am I supposed to tell them other than, ‘Look, man. Donald Trump is a fascist? You may think things can’t get worse, but they absolutely, positively can.’

“They feel like, ‘I’ve already lived through a Trump presidency,’ or ‘I’ve lived through Reagan, how much worst can that get?’” Charlamagne continued. “What do I tell them?”

Watch video of the MSNBC segment below:


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